From this state of consciousness you’re able to PREFER what you’d like to expirience. You have zero attachment to what you want and zero aversion to what you don’t want. Both things exists side by side right next to you and you’re in the middle.

From this point whenever you think of what you would like to expirience it is easy for you to imagine a scene which implies that your wish has been fulfilled. Actually, the only effective scene can happen from this state of mind, where you feel calm and you simply know that you are the source of everything.

Why? Because you feel like you have peace over everything, including the things you don’t want. You’re not scared of them anymore because you know that anything you see externally is only a projection of who you are internally. It’s a mirror of you and you’re not scared of the picture in the mirror.

When you’re here, a single thought of what you would like to expirience is enough. You go back to your scene whenever you feel like you still don’t have it. Remember, we all sometimes take the human perspective and forget that what we see in 3d is real only because we make it real from within us. Don’t beat yourself up because you forgot. Simply remember that if you feel within yourself LIKE YOU CAN HAVE IT, that’s enough.

You’re not attached in a sense that you feel anxious (that will put you in a state of wanting again and wanting means you don’t have it) and you don’t feel aversion to the opposite (because you are not scared of your own refection in the mirror anymore) and that’s why you can confidently use Neville’s technique of feeling what you’d like to expirience as REAL NOW.

This is where you want to be and this is the shortcut to instant manifestation. Let yourself feel calm knowing that you are the source of everything and stay in your imaginal scene as long as you don’t feel it as the only reality.

Be OK with not knowing the details because you don’t have to know how, when and where. The only thing you know is that you have your end state here and now and let the bridge of incidents to unfold and fulfill what you imagined to be true. Let your imaginal scene to become a fact for you.

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