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Many people get this wrong because it feels like you are giving up on what you desired. That can’t also be further from the truth! When you really don’t care when, how and where things will play out for you to expirience, that’s the exact moment when your desired thing shows up. You must stop desiring. If your desire doesn’t exist in your heart anymore, it must show up outside of you because what you are is always showing up as a mirror of you. Just think about it! Surrender your desires to the Father within you and stop worrying about anything around it. Let it go, and let God. Trust me that when you do this and when you practice this, your desired things show up all the time. When you live like this, you are able to just say thank you, every time when you register a desire. Because just by showing up you already know it is done through your oneness with the Spirit within everything. If you need some more help in understanding this, feel free to contact me or ask any question. I’m here to explain to the best of my ability the things I understood through expirience of oneness.

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