ANNA (32)

About Martina as a coach I have only the best words to say. She can easily dig to the source of my problem and face you with it. She can lead you to the other side where you can see that you are the cause of the things that have happened in your life, explain to you how to get over your past and show you how to protect yourself from anxiety about the future. She helped me to get rid of the traumas I had since I was a child and made me aware that I can be happy in my present moment.

IRENE (25)

Martina helped me to turn my focus back on myself. I was trying to manifest my ex back for months, listened a bunch of meditations, done many affirmations and nothing worked. I figured how I was animating his behavior from within me by what I believed about myself, about him, about relationships in general. After she explained to me that it’s not his fault and how I should properly work on loving myself, we are finally back together and have the best relationship that I was dreaming of. She’s my 5* coach that I would recommend to everyone.

DIANA (29)

I was struggling in my relationship for a really long period. I was arguing with my partner and thought that we came to the end. After my session with Martina, she explained why things happened the way they did and what I should change about myself in order for my 3d circumstances to change. After one week I noticed some progress and the more I noticed, the more things that I wanted from my partner just came, one after another. Now I know how I can manifest any instant change not only with him but with every person in my daily life. I will always be grateful to Martina for what she did for me and I definitely know that I will talk to her if any struggle in any other part of my life appears.

DAVID (38)

Guys this woman knows what she talks about! I had a huge health disease for years. She explained to me how we are not our body but awareness that perceives us in different states. She explained to me in detail how to shine myself healthy and whole. I was practicing this for a few weeks and I have to be honest from time to time I would lose my faith. She gave me support to keep working and be aware that my health is within me, just as the disease I had in that time. Today, after 3 months of my first session with her doctors don’t know how to explain my miraculous healing. I wanted to tell them how we are God and operate our lives from within us but I didn’t feel like they would believe me. Session with Martina changed my life and I know this works for everything that I want to change. I recommend her to everyone and talk about this to the people that could benefit from it too.


Now I know I wasted hundreds of $$$ paying for courses and coaches who would blame me for not manifesting what I wanted. They taught me wrong. They were telling me that other people are the cause and that I should affirm for hours to change them. That’s was all false! I didn’t didn’t know that I should change me because I was the only cause of events around me and other people’s behaviors. When Martina explained to me how to change and love and appreciate things about me, people around me changed their behaviors. And I didn’t care about those who didn’t because I love myself so much now that I know that I should never accept anything less than I deserve.