You are currently viewing STOP CHASING YOUR OWN SHADOW


I mean this sincerely. You have to realize that you are chasing your shadow. Choose yourself. If you are chasing, you actually turn people off. What you are after, and often not aware of is your own radiance. So instead of chasing, choose you, fall in love with everything about you and know your worth. When you do this properly, your shadow starts to chase you, you become attractive because to seeming others it feel like being next to you is the most beautiful thing. People often chase without realizing they’re doing it. You don’t have to do it in 3d world, even if you feel need and if you’re longing for someone in your heart only, they can feel it energetically and it feels repelling to them. You need you. That’s what you need and want! The best version of yourself is what you’re seeking. So please find it. When you do this, things in life are drawn to you!

If you need some more help in understanding this, feel free to contact me or ask any question. I’m here to explain to the best of my ability the things I understood through expirience of oneness.

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