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People who suffer from this wound are always scared that someone will betray them. They wear a mask of controller and they want to have everything under control.

This means that they will control their family members, their partners, friends, children and even life circumstances. Their biggest fear is not being able to control because if they don’t feel like they have control there is a possibility that they’ll end up being betrayed.

They are not aware that under the surface is their fear of being betrayed. At the same time they betray themselves to make other people happy and those who betray them are only mirroring their inner behavior.

The point here is to stop betraying yourself because there is no excuse to betray your own soul anymore. Also, stop being affraid that “others” would betray you because they can’t do that if you don’t betray yourself. Remember that they are mirroring you always.

Why would you be scared of being betrayed if you know that everything is you? It doesn’t make sense when you perceive the world this way.

When you notice that you want to control things, remember it comes from your betrayal wound. You can’t really control anything in your life but your own state. So focus on releasing the fear behind it rather than trying to control the mirror world.

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