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The most important thing is to fully embody the state now. So in case that you have a job that you hate, you have to stop that activity in your mind because that’s how you create resistance and you can’t see your manifestation.

Tell yourself that this is temporary even if you don’t have any job. You are here where you are and decide to make the best out of it.

In case you have coworkers that you don’t like (they represent your current state of consciousness) you will create the same type of coworkers when you get your new job. So please find a way to like them, to understand them.

Even if they are annoying try to see the good in them because remember : what you’re working on is not the job that yoi will get, you work on changing your state. You may end up with getting a raise or changing the job position at your current job or you will get an entirely new job.

What you will bring with yourself is your state of consciousness meaning if you don’t stop the resistance you may have about your current job it will repeat itself over and over again until you learn that what you keep holding within you will always be reflected to your physical world.

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