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All that I talk about here is my personal experience so I’m gonna tell you how I did it. It’s doesn’t matter if you have extra weight or you want to gain weight because it works the same for both.

First,you have to stop rejecting your body as it is. At some points of my life, like after being pregnant I was overweight, and for a long time in my life I was skinny, really too skinny. What I was doing in both situations was rejecting my body as it was.

I could try all kinds of diets to lose my weight but I really lost it when I accepted myself as I was and I knew it was temporary. Also, I was trying to eat much more than usually when I was skinny but I couldn’t gain any weight because someting was eating me from the inside and I also hated how I looked in the mirror.

So you have to STOP CRITICIZING yourself. Accept your body as it is. Also, give approval to your body which means you should love it and it will love you back.

Another thing here is to face your subconscious fears because they have a lot to do with your body shape. It’s all beautifully written in the book “Heal your wounds and find your true self”. What I was suffering from when I was overweight was my humiliation wound and when I faced the fear behind it I lost my weight. What I was suffering from when I was skinny were rejection and abandonment wound. When I faced the fears behind them I finally have the desired weight.

So it was never about the food I ate physically only, it was about my mental food just as much. Ask yourself what are you feeding your mind with? If you’re criticizing yourself, rejecting, abandoning or humiliating yourself IN YOUR OWN EYES, those things affect your body’s health and your physical appearance.

So stop it. Give yourself love and appreciation for who you are, as you are. And please read this book, I suggest it just because it helped me to understand the mechanics of my own subconscious programming and reprogramming.

You already have what you desire in consciousness. To access that you must be love towards yourself, your body in this case in the present moment.

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