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People mostly are not aware that we are each other, that we are created and animated from within each other. When we fall in love with someone it’s not because there is something so special about them, it is because we see our own beauty in the mirror of another. They treat us the way we treat ourselves, they hear us, they are always there for us, they love and enjoy our presence and that’s why we fall in love. We are not aware that what we see in them is our own picture. That’s the key! Because if “they” suddenly behave cold and don’t want to be around us it only shows us what to fix within ourselves in order to see what we desire to see. So how to change this story and use knowledge about mirroring each other for our advantage? By remembering that what all of us fall in love with in the first place is a mirror of our current behavior. To do this, we will mirror their own behavior back to them , whatever it is. We will completely become them so that they can see themselves in us again. We will imitate their inner picture through the illusion of our body and that’s what brings them home.

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