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I was asked how to do this, so here it goes: when I enjoy being myself, I enjoy my body, my mind and my presence.

To enjoy your body, first you have to stop criticize it in any way. I used to judge my body for this or that, the things I didn’t like and this is a big no trust me. Instead of judging it, I give it appreciation for everything that I can, I tell myself all the compliments instead of putting myself down and the joke is that I receive all the same compliments from my mirror world. This happens because I truly mean what I say. If I don’t feel good about my body some days I find a way to feel it anyway, instead of looking for what’s “wrong” with it, I find what’s “right”, and beautiful to me and I stick to those qualities.

When I enjoy my mind I enjoy speaking my mind and being authentic. I enjoy my progress that I made over the years, my own growth. I admire my own ability to change things with my mind. I give it love and appreciation and never put myself down as I used to do. I know I’m always trying my best and because I love my mind, it loves me back. My ego/my inner roommate /my mind became my best friend instead of being my enemy who criticizes me. We work together now.

To enjoy my presence, I become the light wherever I show up. I can be alone or I can have a company, but I am always the light. This means I will treat others as I treat myself. I won’t judge them by appearance or what they might say, I will always find the good in them. The quality of our spirit when we are present can change other people’s behaviors and feelings in real time, the best explanation you’ll get if you check on the reel I posted from a TV show yesterday.

Be generally happy to be you. Show gratitude for being you. Stop beating yourself up, that’s just a habit. You can always do better, do it for you, not for anyone else. When you enjoy being who you are, everyone else will feel your love for you, everyone else will want to share their time with you because they are always mirroring back to you how you’re feeling about yourself.

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