You are currently viewing EVERY PERSON IS A MIRROR INTO YOU


Literally as I said! And not only that, they are your God’s instructions to see what you are doing to yourself. So if they treat you nicely, that’s a proof how you treat you. If they do nasty and ugly things, that’s a call for healing things within you, to be gentle with yourself, to give yourself compassion. Please if you are expiriencing this, read the book “Heal your wounds and find your true self” by Lise Bourbeau. I find it extremely helpful. Use your mirror from others to see better what’s happening within you. All the people around you are mirroring what is happening in higher dimensions in your present moment and this is the biggest gift we gave to ourselves when we came to Earth. We promised that we will always help each other to see better because our physical eyes don’t see things properly but in reverse. If you need some more help in understanding this, feel free to contact me or ask any question. I’m here to explain to the best of my ability the things I understood through expirience of oneness.

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