ALL-IN-ONE bundle

Are you ready for learning more and going a step further in understanding how manifesting really works?

By purchasing this bundle you’ll get access to more than 13 hours of group call recordings where I will show you how to release resistance and fears that you have, how to work on manifesting love, and releasing your anger, how to understand “the world is yourself pushed out” as well as how to embody the feeling of having the desired thing.

The bundle also has The Anxiety Eliminator, Shift Your State and The 3 steps to manifest your specific person.

In this comprehensive digital audio package, you’ll gain access to six group calls and 3 coaching courses designed to help you learn how manifesting works. We delve into a variety of topics, including:* Strategies for relieving the resistance individuals often experience when engaging with their 3D worlds and methods to release it.* Techniques for managing the fear of not attaining one’s desires, substituting it with a sense of complete safety.* Encouragement towards self-love and approval, while learning to let go of disapproval of others, fostering an environment where you become a source of love.* Deep understanding of the 3D mirror world where we are the source image animating the external world, embodying the concept of “the world is yourself pushed out”.* Handling the triggers originating from our 3D world, managing anger, and understanding its internal source before it projects into our 3D world.* Transitioning from a mentality of lack to a mentality of abundance, letting go of wants in order to align with our soul’s true desires and entering the desired timeline in our 3D world.This package has successfully guided many clients in releasing their emotional ties to their 3D world, enabling them to find peace in the present moment. By attaining a state of peace without resistance, fear, or want (a state of lack), you can learn to accept what is. This acceptance naturally redirects your attention and energy away from what you dislike or reject, allowing these elements to change or disappear from your life. With over 13 hours of recorded material, this digital product provides a comprehensive toolkit to achieve your desired experiences. Should you have any questions after engaging with the material and applying the lessons, please don’t hesitate to contact us at note that we do not offer complimentary personal sessions following the purchase of this product. Only a single download is available per purchase, and the item must be downloaded on the day of purchase, otherwise, access will be lost. If this occurs, please contact us so that we can resend the product. As per European Union laws, we do not offer refunds for digital products or services.

Basically, everything that I’ve ever recorded is in this bundle, and if bought separately, it is worth $891.

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