My service as a coach consists of a detailed explanation of how and why you are the source of everything that happens in your life and how and why your 3d world is a mirror of your state of consciousness and you as the source. I help you understand this and show you how to change the source image in order for your 3d to change.

During coaching sessions with me you will learn how to release all your emotions that prevent you from realizing your full potential in any area of life.
I am a certified coach for many fields in Life coaching, and in accordance with your needs, I use the necessary techniques so that together we can achieve a complete transformation in your life.

Half of the entire work we do together is on me as a coach, another half of the work is on you because I can guide you but you’re the one who has to apply the knowledge. In addition to everything mentioned so far, I often recommend the necessary literature so that you can further educate yourself and use our time together more efficiently. I provide you with worksheets that will help you change your beliefs, emotions, behaviors and reactions and create a new desired state of consciousness. From this state you will easily be able to use any law of assumption technique and your assumptions will easily become your 3d facts.

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