Hi! My name is Martina

I’m here to explain to you why the things in your life happen the way they do and that includes your relationships with people, with money and all the events around you.




Your life is a mirror of you. Everything that you see in your 3D world is a reflection. If you want to change the 3D, you have to change within first. I’m an expert to help you with that. I can see behind the illusion that you have created for yourself and lead you to your own discovery that you are the Universe, the Light, God, you can call it however you want.

You can have every of your desires by becoming it first within you. Invest in yourself and adjust your life the way you want it.

I’m welcoming you into your own Heaven on Earth!


I’ve spent years helping other people acheive their dreams. I learned how to do it after created a lot of things that I didn’t want in my own life. Now I am healed and as such am able to heal and help others who are willing to make serious changes in their lives.

MY Expertise



Manifestation for love

How to manifest a specific person? How to make them love you and stay with you forever? It’s actually really simple. You become all that you want with yourself first. You realize you are the source of your love. You fall in love so deeply with yourself and your shadow 3d world must follow your light. When you decide to never betray, abandon or reject yourself, they decide the same. The key here is that you don’t do any of this work to change the 3d because you will get the opposite results. You do it for yourself, for your own growth, your own understanding of life, and your own happiness. Learn how to change you from within and your shadow 3d world will reflect it back to you instantly.

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Manifestation of Money

How to manifest money? You have to know that your job or any type of your income is not the source of your money. All the money you have ever made came from within you, from the specific feeling of abundance and freedom. Rich people don’t even think about making money! It comes to them naturally because knowingly or unknowingly they became the source of it. They never struggle or live from paycheck to paycheck. Human avoidant nature towards poverty creates the lack of money. Learn that you are the source of it and how to make it within you and your shadow 3d world will follow instantly.

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Manifestation for health

How to manifest complete health? Illness is only a lack of health. Your illness doesn’t come from the outside world, it’s just a manifestation of what you were feeling within you. When you are not your true self, when you don’t express yourself in life the way your heart asks you to, that’s when you get sick. Just as you are the source of undesired things, in this case, illness, you are also the source of complete health in your life. Learn how to feel that from within. Become that in your present moment and your shadow 3d world will reflect it back instantly.

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